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Thank you for the most rewarding and heart felt experience of my life.
Cows for Cambodia has taught me the true meaning of Gratitude

Christine Vlass

We went on the Cows for Cambodia trip with Cosi in November 2016 and had the most unforgettable experience. Every day was action packed, we had hands on experiences in the Village, a lot of laughs in the bus, and some very touching moments with the locals. We can highly recommend this tour, it will change the way you look at life!

Murray & Gaye Story

I will never forget the huge hearts of the Cambodian children. After I had helped with house building I spent time with the children, speaking Khmer/English, reading them Cinderella and telling them in Khmer “You are beautiful”. Most children would blush, smile & look at the ground. But I noticed the boys would stand taller, the girls would then hold my hand and giggle and make more eye contact. One time I said it to the tiniest little girl, so petite and delicate like a pixie, and she replied in a tiny voice in Khmer “thank you”. My main reason I signed up for COWS FOR CAMBODIA was to teach or make the children smile, knowing I was only here for a very short time, it was a drop in the ocean, but what is an ocean without trillions of drops. I miss the Cambodians already!

Belinda Jane

Deciding to go on this trip was the best decision I’ve ever made and best opportunity that was given to me. Kylie, Julie and Cosi had everything booked and planned so there was nothing to worry about. There’s not a thing I would change and the trip has allowed me to look at the world with new eyes

Melissa Perre

The most rewarding holiday experience ever !! Julie, Kylie and Cosi had everything organised perfectly -it was a fantastic mix of tourist destinations and helping the wonderful people of Cambodia -highlights building the house for the family of 7, working with the cows , rice run and spending time with those beautiful school children Cambodia is infectious I’ll be heading back to do again!!

Janet Adams

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