Frequently Asked Questions

What immunisations are required?

In regards to immunizations, you are best to discuss this with your General Practitioner as you may have medical conditions/medication that needs to be taken into consideration (also, not being a doctor, we are not allowed to give medical advice).

Is a visa necessary to enter Cambodia?

For those travelling on an Australian or British passport (please check for others) a Cambodia Visa on arrival is cheaper and it’s an easy process.  The cost of a Cambodia visa is $30 USD (and a couple of extra dollars if you don’t already have a photo and need to have one taken on the spot) so make sure you have some US dollars and passport photo on you before departing.  Of course, if you want to get your visa beforehand you can (however note it is valid if presented within three months from the date of issuance, therefore keep this in mind and do not arrange too far in advance of travelling).

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended and it is advisable to arrange this as soon as make your deposit to cover monies paid.  Please email [email protected] for more information.

How can I donate for a rice run?

Rice Runs are only done when Cosi is in Cambodian with our Australian Tour groups, as they require lots of people to deliver the rice.

We will post a Facebook message when Cosi is in Cambodia asking for donations and we will then deliver the rice the next day!

As the Rice Runs are executed as the “fastest donation in history” we cannot accept pre-donations for Rice Runs.  They are only accepted at the time the Facebook post goes up, until the required quota is met. Make sure you keep a close eye on our Facebook page for when a Rice Run will happen

How much is a cow and can I buy one?

They are around $800USD. Expensive little buggers!

At this point in time, unfortunately due to logistics we are unable to assign you a specific cow or provide you with updates / progress reports / who the family is etc.

We have so many cows and only a few staff to manage all of the requests so we simply don’t have the time or resources.

We hope that one day we can allocate cows to specific people, but at this point in time it’s just not feasible.

Can I request where my donation I used?

As with most charities we are unable to allocate specific funds for projects. It is at the charities discretion to use the fundraising and donations where it is most needed.

Can I visit your project without coming on a tour?

If you are travelling to Cambodia on your own, we can hook you up with “Jet” our in county Cambodian manager. However as he only works for the charity when there is a tour group, you will need to email him direct to get a quote for him to take you on a personal tour. He can take you out to see our charity, visit the school or even help facilitate your own rice run!

Email Jet on: [email protected]

Can you accept the donation of goods?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept donations of goods. You can only take over your own donations if you are travelling as part of a tour group.

How do the families benefit from having a cow?

The cows in Cambodia are not used for milk purposes for a range of reasons, and our cows are mainly used for breeding and work purposes as bullock and cart is still widely used in Cambodia.  To put the breeding aspect into context, the average farm income in Cambodia is about USD $600 per year and the production and sale of one cow/calf per year can achieve $600+, effectively doubling their farm income which clearly is a huge bonus for them.

Are donations tax deductable?

Yes we are currently a community partner of the Global Development Group who assist us in receipting all of our donations. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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