Where do your donations go?

I do my best to ensure that the highest % possible of every one of your donated dollars ends up in the hands of the Cambodians.

I personally pay for all my own flights and accommodation and expenses whilst in Cambodia. Cows for Cambodia is lucky in that we have no need for an office space or staff so there is very little money that comes out of the charity to cover the running costs. This is one of my drivers to starting the charity, as I wanted to set a charity up where almost every cent in the dollar goes to where it is needed.

There are no expensive marketing campaigns, full time staff, superannuation’s and none of the three directors of Cows for Cambodia get one cent from the charity including obviously myself!! This means the more donations we get the more people we can help. We don’t take any donations for granted and are grateful for every donation be it $1 or $1,000.

Our Supporters