Cows For Cambodia in the News

Cosi’s cows breeding wealth in Cambodia

Published in SA Weekend
November 14, 2014 7:43pm
Article by Nathan Dyer

ANDREW Costello sits in the back of a tuk-tuk, feet up on the seat, wearing shorts and sneakers and a T-shirt stamped “I love Cambodia”. Beside the burly host of South Aussie with Cosi, translator and fixer Chan Vicheth sports dark business slacks, a check shirt and a permanent grin. Costello has barely taken a breath since touching down…

Rising out of poverty: Cambodian cash cows

Published on ABC Rural
March 13 2015, 5:53pm
Article by Alexandra Back, Cherie von Hörchner and Julie Clift

Andrew “Cosi” Costello always wanted a farm, it was just never going to happen in South Australia.

“I could never afford to do it [here], so I thought, I’ll go buy one in Cambodia,” he said.

The property he bought in the south-east Asian country two years ago is now the base for his charity, Cows for Cambodia. The charity loans families pregnant cows and the family returns the cow, keeping the baby after it’s born…


Published in Avery Magazine
November 24 2015
Article by Sarah Hausler

As the poster boy for South Australian tourism, Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello is the gregarious larrikin we love to love. But as Sarah discovers, there’s so much more to this country boy from Kadina…