Animal Welfare is paramount

Our goal is for our cows in the program to be the happiest and healthiest cows in the entire country.

I personally fly over three times a year to inspect every cow and calf and administer vaccinations and injections to improve the quality of the cows life. The typical cow in Cambodia battles worms, lice and blood sucking flies. Our cows have none of these annoyances thanks to a health programme designed by leading Agriculture experts here in Australia. Our cattle are also provided with salt and mineral licks to fight deficiencies.

Dogs, cats, cows and people as well, are all skinner than they are here in Australia but we work hard to ensure our cows are in the best condition at all times. Any cow that enters our program instantly has a ticket to a better life with better feed and better health care. We also extend our animal husbandry knowledge to other areas of animals within the village. We love our cows as much as we do our families we are helping!!

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